The LearJet Is a Great Choice for a Shorter Flight

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Is a LearJet a Good Choice for a Relatively Short Flight for Four to Five Executives?

The LearJet Is a Great Choice for a Shorter Flight

For flights under 1,200 miles, where speed and comfort are critical, LearJet is an excellent choice. Not just designed to give the appearance of speed while sitting on a runway, at cruising speeds around 500 miles per hour, LearJets deliver on their promise to get you to your destination faster than many other light jets in their class.

Light aircraft produced by LearJet, such as the 24 or 25, are fast and fuel-efficient. While stretching out and kicking back may be a bit of a challenge, for business purposes that require speed and efficiency, light LearJets are a wonderful choice. Make time -- a critical business resource that is not renewable -- serve you with a LearJet charter. LearJets have been safely and securely carrying business passengers for over 45 years. When you have important business to complete, the speed and privacy of a LearJet, one of the most popular charter planes ever, will get you where you need to be quickly and safely. Blue Star Jets offers a full fleet of LearJet aircraft for both shorter and longer flight needs.



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