Charter Jet Memberships Benefits

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Charter Jet Memberships Benefits

Charter services offer a vast range of aircraft including heavy jets for international travel and smaller turbo-prop planes for short trips. For many business and luxury travelers, fractional ownership isn't a worthwhile investment when compared to a jet charter membership. When comparing charter services to fractional ownership programs, carefully investigate the required investment for fractional ownership and compare it to the minimum investment for a skycard program. A basic skycard memberships requires a mere $50,000. On the other hand, one fractional ownership company offers a "perk" of being able to fly in 14 other jets in addition to the small-cabin Hawker jet you become a fractional owner of an approximate $400,000 investment. Jet charter services stand out in sharp contrast while offering access to as many as four thousand aircraft available all over the globe without a major upfront investment. The differences speak for themselves.



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