Luxury Jet Adventures

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Luxury Jet Adventures

Some people wish to use a chartered flight to a single destination or two, but other more adventurous fliers wish to go around the world. The best chartered flight packages can be designed to minimize jet lag by going the the farthest point first; usually Australia or Japan, then slowly traveling and sightseeing back home by way of exotic locales such as Vietnam, India, Egypt, and more, until the last leg of the trip reaches your departure point. If you have ever wanted to travel the world, a chartered adventure flight package is definitely the optimal way to go. Such voyages to Australia or Japan often result in some serious jet lag, but there are ways to counteract it; booking a flight that has you in transit when you would normally be asleep, drinking plenty of fluids, and even doctor-recommended "jet-lag diet" tips you follow for days before the trip may help with long-range adventure travel.



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