Why Air Charter Memberships Prove To Be A Better Choice By The Numbers

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Are air charters really less of a headache than airline travel?

Why Air Charter Memberships Prove To Be A Better Choice By The Numbers

With higher security and longer lines at airports, the attraction of charter services is even greater than ever before. Even without the great membership benefits offered, the airline industry themselves are providing incentive to fly a charter jet to your next destination. U.S. carriers flew 642 million passengers last year while reporting more flight delays, mishandled baggage and consumer complaints than the previous year. The Transportation Department's Annual Air Travel Consumer Report showed that 19 commercial airlines boarded 642 million people in 2005, which is 23 million more than the previous year. The agency received 8,735 complaints about airline service, up 17.2 percent from 2004. Complaints ranged from flight cancellations or delays, incomplete or incorrect information about fares, discrimination and customer service and lost or mishandled bags. The airlines recorded an on-time arrival rate of 77 percent in 2005, down from 78 percent. Most flight delays were caused by weather. Instead of getting better, things are getting worse. This only adds up to one thing, a terrible travel experience by the consumer. It makes you ask why anyone would want to fly standard commercial?



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