Private Executive Jet Fractional Cards vs. Charter Cards

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What are the differences between executive jet fractional cards and charter cards?

Private Executive Jet Fractional Cards vs. Charter Cards

Fractional cards such as Marquis Jet and Flexjet 25 rely on company-managed planes that are "owned and operated” by the card provider. These companies have close relationships with plane suppliers (they're often subsidiaries of plane manufacturers) and possess the infrastructure to carefully manage and position their fleets. Charter cards typically broker aircraft outside their control. This is an advantage because for each trip, you can select exactly which aircraft will suit your needs. A short-runway light jet, a heavy jet, even a helicopter, seaplane or jumbo jet are choices. Fractional providers tend to streamline their fleets to about four plane models to simplify operations. NetJets and Marquis Jet are notable exceptions. Does this matter to you? For some customers, the comfort of knowing that your provider has intimate knowledge of the plane and its crew is important. For others, this direct oversight can be substituted by a careful set of procedures for subcontracting to third-party charter operators. It's more expensive to manage a fractionally-owned fleet and for some, the lower cost of a charter-sourced plane complimented by careful management is a worthy tradeoff.



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