Air Taxi Cost Per Mile Compared to the Majors

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Is major air travel cheaper than Air taxi or charters?

Air Taxi Cost Per Mile Compared to the Majors

According to an International Herald Tribune article published in July 2006, air taxis will offer significant savings over air charters and private jet travel, but will still cost far more, on average, than major commercial carriers. Air taxi operators say they can offer travelers seats ranging from $1 to $3 a mile, compared with $9 to $13 a mile on executive jet charters, or up to $15 a mile on slightly larger private jets. Regional commercial airlines average less than 15 cents a mile flying 50 seat planes, according to industry executives quoted in the article. There are other tradeoffs to consider including comfort, traveling companion approval and choice of aircraft. Additional pro's to using an air taxi, as with air charter, are no long lines at the screener stations, expedited departures and access to smaller airports.



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