Air Taxi vs. Air Limousine

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What’s the difference between air limousine and air taxi?

Air Taxi vs. Air Limousine

Finding a new niche in the air charter market is hard enough, so if your competitor can exploit what they feel to be a weakness in your service, they will use it to drive your customers to their doors. This has been happening between two small air taxi companies. Both are flying new jets, both have great service on-demand. So what's the problem? Lavatories, one company is using the fact they have onboard lavatories to define themselves as a better service. But what makes an air taxi an air taxi? Is it the way they structure their cost? Distance flown? Or having bathrooms? Well, one air taxi service has set themselves up with a per-seat cost structure, like the majors, and combined the on-demand feature of the charter, but with no bathrooms. The others have set up their costs like a standard charter by the aircraft, offering small on demand one-day trips. So it's up to the traveler to decide which is more important, price or bathrooms?



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