Where Executive Air Charters Buy Their Planes

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Do executive Air Charters fly only new planes?

Where Executive Air Charters Buy Their Planes

Some executive air charter services are taking the lead in innovation and offering state-of-the-art aircraft to their travelers. This means the traveler enjoys faster, more economical aircraft, greater comfort and safety. Other charter-owned fleets cost $3 million per aircraft and they are ordering 500 at a time. One air charter service in the euro market doesn't operate any aircraft in it's fleet that is older than three years. There are charters that don't own any planes, but are just brokers of them. Others acquire whole fleets. That's not to say broker aircraft are not safe, they are. They have to meet rigorous standards to even be considered for use in the network. But owners of the fleets have direct control over everything. There are, of course, more private charter services such as, air adventure charters, that fly pontoon-propped aircraft or seaplanes that may acquire their aircraft used.



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