New Direction in Executive Jet Charter

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Are there any other choices of services in executive jet charter?

New Direction in Executive Jet Charter

Executive jet charters have long been transporting the worlds VIPs in style and luxury, but with more companies going global, executives have to keep pace with their competition. This means getting to a destination as quickly and easily as possible. No longer considered an exclusive service for the biggest companies, executive jet charter has become an every day way of getting business done. The old way of securing on-demand air travel with fractional ownership is giving way to more economical air charters. This way, you dodge the pitfalls associated with upkeep, maintenance and storage of owning one-sixteenth of an aircraft. To broaden its customer base, executive jet charter companies are breaking new ground with economical offers. One company, called DayJet, combines the service of air charter and the economic advantage of the airlines with personal on-demand flights, day or night for the cost of a coach ticket and hotel. This is a breakthrough for the air charter on-demand service and puts it in the reach of more people than ever before. They do this is by renting you the “seat,” but not the whole aircraft as with a full air charter. You can schedule a flight on your time and that is suitable for your needs. By owning the fleet, this type of charter can dictate their own price, instead of acting as a broker that offers several options from private jet owners participating in their program and adding their fee on top of it. The current limitations to this idea are choice of aircraft, location and onboard services. But if this new concept takes off, it could open a door for air charter, helping to secure the industry's future.



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