Advice for the First Time Traveler Abroad

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What else do I need to know about traveling overseas?

Advice for the First Time Traveler Abroad

Planning an air charter adventure can be great fun, but there are many different decisions to make in your planning. Do I stay state side or go overseas? How long should I stay? What do I wear? These are all important questions. Here are a few more things to include in your checklist when preparing for your adventure.

First, if you plan to travel overseas to take your air charter adventure it's always a good idea to gather any health issue information on your destination. If there's any questions, you can contact the center for disease control at 404-639-2572.

Some parts of the world are in constant turmoil, while others are quiet as a church. To find out if a traveler's advisory has been issued for a specific part of the world you can contact the U.S State Department at 202-647-4000. Also, it's a good idea to write down the numbers of any local U.S embassies in the area your visiting. If a passport is going to be needed for your travel, you'll need to apply for it 30 days before your trip. They do have a quicker service, but it costs an extra $60 over the standard $85 fee. A passport is valid for ten years. Find out if the country you're headed to also requires a visa to enter.



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