Popular Corporate Jets on the Market

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What are the most popular light corporate jets?

Popular Corporate Jets on the Market

The Beechjet 440A is one choice for air charter travelers looking for a light, fast corporate jet. This jet has a flying range of 1,180 statue miles, seats up to seven people and has storage for 55 cubic feet of cargo. This jet is in use by charters because of its economic value. Travelers like the Beechjet because of its cost, usually around $1,750 an hour. But don't that being small means sacrificing your comfort. With wood trim, leather seats and fold out tables, the Beechjet can hold it's own against the big boys of luxury. This little jet is also the choice of the U.S Air Force as a trainer aircraft.

The Raytheon Hawker 400XP is another popular light-weight corporate jet, and is one of the fastest corporate jets in its category. With a flying range of 1,500 miles, you can fly non-stop from New York to Miami, Chicago to Houston, and Los Angeles to Seattle. With its performance and interior configuration, the Hawker 400XP offers impressive value in the entry-level jet category. Compared to other business jets in its class, the Hawker 400XP provides more head room and shoulder room. The cabin also offers a flat floor, (where other jets have their seats raised onto risers running along the length of the jet) making it easier for passengers to move around the cabin and relax in comfort.



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