Major Aircraft Company Leading the Way in Business Class Jets

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What major aircraft companies are building business class jets?

Major Aircraft Company Leading the Way in Business Class Jets

Over the past decade, the Boeing Company has been working to design a new class of aircraft for the business traveler. The Boeing Business Jet consists of the wide-bodied 787-8, the 787-9, and the 747-8. Offering 2,404 and 4,786 sq. ft. of cabin space, it's about the size of a fair sized apartment in the sky. These reliable aircraft are completely customized to fit the tastes and requirements of their owners. Who is buying Boeing Business Jets? Private individuals comprise 43 percent of the Boeing Business Jet customer base. About 35 percent are government heads of state including The President of the United States. Twelve percent are corporate operators and the remaining 10 percent are charter services.



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