Understanding Required Passenger Safety Briefings Before a Flight

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What does a pre-flight briefing mean?

Understanding Required Passenger Safety Briefings Before a Flight

If you have ever flown on a commercial airline, you've likely seen the safety briefing that plays on a small TV that drops down from the ceiling. It provides information on flotation devices and exit seats. If you look around the cabin, though, you'll see almost no one listening. Most people are busy with magazines or pillows. But these safety briefings are important and in the event of a real emergency, you'll be glad you listened. The pilot in command is obligated to see that all passengers have been briefed, but it doesn't mean he must know if everyone completely understands.

Passengers must be briefed on when, where and under what conditions the safety belt must be fastened. They must also be told how to fasten and unfasten them. This briefing must include lighted passenger information signs and crew member instructions. Passengers should also be told the location of the fire extinguishers, flotation devices, all exits and how to operate them. Passengers are also shown the proper way to use oxygen masks in an emergency for flights above 12,000 feet.



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