High Speed Business Travel

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What are the fastest jets for corporate travel?

High Speed Business Travel

If you need top speed mode of travel, consider chartering a medium or super-medium class jet. The fastest of these is the Citation X, made by Cessna, which is the number four fastest civilian aircraft in the air. Your need for speed may be justified but your ever-changing corporate schedule, but keep in mind that medium and super medium sized jets have a capacity for only between seven and 10 passengers, depending on the aircraft. If you need to move more than ten people in a hurry, you should consider using the heavy-class Boeing Business jet, which carries up to 23 at speeds that compare with medium jets. If you need to move fewer than ten people, the light-class Lear A/35 compares favorably to medium-size jets for speed, but the range of this aircraft is limited to just over 1,500 miles.



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