Chartered Flight Adventures With Helicopters

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Are chartered helicopter flights available?

Chartered Flight Adventures With Helicopters

The phrase "chartered flight" usually conjures up images of high-speed jets, but a helicopter flight adventure can be just as exciting. Imagine the photos you can take hovering near Mount Rushmore or over the Alaskan Wilderness. Chartered helicopter flights are especially good for photography buffs with the right equipment. The combination of a good lens, a camera with good image stabilization, and picture-perfect weather can create breathtaking photographs from any altitude. A first-time helicopter flight is quite memorable no matter where you go; imagine taking a chartered flight above a Hawaiian volcano or the Grand Canyon. A chartered helicopter may be equipped with video gear to capture your adventure from a literal bird's eye view from the exterior of the chopper or a special cockpit vantage point. Be sure to ask if such a service is available when you book, you may be able to take home an additional souvenir shot from a very unique point of view.

A small number of frequent jet flyers on chartered flights may experience a bit of air sickness on a first-time helicopter trip. This can be caused by spatial disorientation, the body's sense of balance confused by the pitch and roll of the helicopter during takeoff and turning. If you experience nausea during your flight adventure, try staring directly at the horizon for a few minutes. This tactic is used by sailors and fliers alike to help the brain reorient itself and regain a proper sense of balance. This technique works for most people, but a dose of prescription or over-the-counter air sickness medication before the chartered flight can helpful as a preventive measure.



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