Private Aircraft Charter Frequently Asked Questions

Is a "round-the-world" luxury jet adventure available?

Are chartered helicopter flights available?

How private is a private airport?

What's the big advantage of flying into a private airport?

What is the main difference between propeller aircraft and jets?

What is an Astra Jet?

What Is A Citation Jet?

What is a "wedding flight"?

How does a chartered heavy jet compare to a commercial international flight?

What luxury services are available on a private jet?

What options are available before and after the flight?

What costs are associated with buying a private jet beyond the initial purchase?

How does aircraft age factor into my purchasing decision?

Where should I start to look to buy a jet?

Should I lease or buy?

What about aircraft leasing?

Are there any questions I should answer before deciding whether to lease or buy a jet?

Can propeller aircraft land on short runways?

What is a charter jet membership

Are jet charter services equal to fractional ownership?

Why should I use business air charter?

What are the fastest jets for corporate travel?

Can I transfer my skycard membership to others?

What is an 'executive jet'?

What is the advantage of executive jet charter?

How can I evaluate an executive charter jet service?

When should I try to book an empty leg trip?

Can I get a price quote?

Are there FAA or other restrictions that can affect my jet charter travel?

Are there any identification requirements on a charter flight?

When is it better to charter a helicopter?

Does the government regulate private charter jets?

Can I pack items prohibited on commercial flights?

What should I know about charter jet safety?

What does turbo-prop mean?

How big is an air charter heavy jet?

What makes operating under Part 135 safe?

What equipment is required to ensure safety regulation compliance?

Do operators and owners keep good records on aircraft up keep?

What standards does an air charter have to meet?

What other safety rules apply to air charter operations in emergencies?

What does a pre-flight briefing mean?

What changing rules should I know about?

What defines an airport as private?

What is a private - public airport?

When is a private airport not private?

Can I use an airport near my home?

How small is small for a private airport?

Do any companies have their own airports?

What are the services at a small private airport?

Are there emergency services available at a private airport?

What is a Private Jet Charter Service?

Is using a charter service safer than commercial travel?

Can I get help with the process of buying jet aircraft for my company?

Where can I use a private jet charter service?

Are air charter broker services available to anyone?

What are some of the costs involved in charter flight?

How do I get involved with an air charter service broker or get a quote?

What are the specific aircraft that are offered by air charter brokers?

What are some of the different companies associated with air charter service?

What is the future of the air charter industry?

What major aircraft companies are building business class jets?

Are any major airlines involved in corporate jet services?

What are the most popular light corporate jets?

What is considered a standard business jet?

What is an air charter flight adventure? Is it like a vacation?

What does an air charter adventure cost vs. regular airline travel?

What domestic adventures are available?

What about great hunting or fishing spots?

What dangers are there in air charter adventuring?

What charters are available outside the United States?

What else do I need to know about traveling overseas?

What’s the best alternative to public airline service?

At today’s airport you’re treated terrible, is there something better?

Do noisy, rude seat partners make it impossible to rest on a flight?

Tired of dealing with unfriendly airline passengers?

Are there any other choices of services in executive jet charter?

Would I save money buying my own private plane?

What are the hard numbers of buying a private airplane?

Do executive Air Charters fly only new planes?

What’s the difference between air limousine and air taxi?

Is major air travel cheaper than Air taxi or charters?

What are the differences between executive jet fractional cards and charter cards?

What are some basic considerations in commitments to private executive air travel?

What can I expect in heavy jet luxury?

What kind of food will there be onboard?

What if I have a special handicap?

What other toys are there in air charter?

What are some extreme amenities in air charter aircraft.

Are there showers available on Air charters?

Can I make calls or send faxes while flying?

What are charter jet memberships?

Are their free air charter membership?

What other benefits are offered in air charter memberships?

Can I choose what air Charter Company and options I want?

What taxes are there on Air charters?

What are air charter rewards programs?

Are air charters really less of a headache than airline travel?

How can I have a true luxury vacation?

When is chartering a plane better than owning one?

What is the first step when you are in the market to buy an airplane?

What does a private jet charter company do?

Is there any luxury left in flying?

How do I get real first class service on a plane?

How Can Corporate Travel Be More Convenient?

How can I make corporate travel more efficient?

How can business travel be better?

Why Should I Use an Intermediary Company to Purchase an Aircraft?

Does LearJet Offer an Aircraft Large Enough for Six to Eight Passengers and a Longer Flight?

What Are the Advantages of Selecting an Astra Jet Aircraft for My Business Charter Needs?

What Primary Questions Should I Consider Before Selecting a Helicopter Charter?

What Flight Services Can I Expect With a Private Charter Excursion?

If I’m Planning a Rather Long Flight, What Are Some Good Aircraft Choices for Comfort and Luxury?

If I’m Concerned About Fuel Consumption, But I Still Want a Charter With Both Luxury and Speed, What Are Some Good Choices?

Should I Consider Fractional Jet Ownership or Use Air Charters for My Business Travel?

What Are Some “More Hidden” Benefits of Using Business Jet Charters?

Can I Compare Charter Corporate Jet Companies Using the Internet, Avoiding Time Consuming Phone Calls?

Do Most Aircraft Charter Brokers Allow Me to Charter a Business Jet on Short Notice?

What Are the Advantages of Charter Corporate Jet Use Versus Fractional Jet Ownership?

Why Can I Save Money Using an “Empty Leg” Flight for a Business Jet Charter?

What Advantages Can a Private Jet Charter Company Offer Me That Aircraft Ownership Cannot?

Can I Really Save Money if a Private Jet Charter Has an “Empty Leg” Opening?

How Can an Air Charter Broker Offer Me More Than a Typical Charter Operator?

Can I Get a Private Jet Charter That Includes One or More Beds for Longer Flights?

What Is the Air Charter Guide and Why Might It be Important to Me?

How Can I Best Research a Private Jet Charter Company?

Can Private Air Charter Brokers Help Me With Insurance Issues?

Can a Private Jet Charter Company Also Help Me With a Large Group of 50 or More?

Generally, How Much Notice Need I Provide When I Want an Executive Jet Charter?

What Are Some Executive Jet Services Should I Expect From a Top Air Charter Broker?

How Can I Find the “Right” Executive Aircraft Charter Company for Me?

What Is Typically Considered a Complete Menu of Executive Jet Services?

How Can I Locate an Executive Air Charter That Has Empty Leg Openings?

When I’d be Better Served by a Helicopter, Can the Top Executive Charter Companies Get Me the Aircraft I Need?

Should I Be Comfortable With the Safety Records of Executive Jet Charter Aircraft?

What Are Some Quality Luxury Jets I Should Consider for Shorter Business Trips?

When I Travel in First Class What Amenities Am I Missing by Not Using a Luxury Private Jet?

What Should I Consider Before Booking a Luxury Travel Vacation With an Air Charter Company?

What Is the General Cost Differential Between Travel in First Class and Using a Luxury Private Jet?

Must Luxury Charters Always Involve Jet Aircraft?

Do the Same Firms Offer Luxury Charters for Both Business and Pleasure Trips?

How Should I Evaluate Websites That Offer Luxury Jets for Sale?

What Are Some Questions I Should Ask If I Respond to a Luxury Private Jet for Sale Ad?

If I Want to Purchase a Personal Jet, What Things Should I Consider?

What Are Some Ownership Options Available for a Private Jet?

Do the Best Air Charter Companies Also Typically Have Luxury Jets for Sale?

Should I Consider Fractional Ownership of a Private Jet?

What Is the Primary Difference Between Aircraft Leasing and Aircraft Sales?

Are Private Aircraft Permitted to Depart/Land at Airports Classified as Commercial “Hubs”?

Do Private Aircraft Have Access to the Same Airports Used by Commercial Airlines?

Will Private Flights Be Allowed to Use Any Airports Close to My Destinations?

What Are Good Sources to Locate Airports Near My Destination When I Fly Via Airplane Charter?

What Are Some Advantages of Using Smaller and Private Airports for Airplane Charter Travel?

Can a Good Air Charter Travel Broker Make Arrangements at Airports Close to My Destinations?

What Makes Private Airports Perfect for Air Charter Travel?

How Can I Learn About General Aircraft Safety?

Does an Aircraft Safety Record Apply to a Charter Plane Model or Specific Aircraft?

How Does Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) Affect Airplane Safety?

What Types of Records Are Typically Kept to Record Maintenance and Charter Plane Safety?

Do Charter Jet Pilots Have the Authority to Make Decisions Contrary to Standard Aircraft Safety Procedures and Regulations?

Do Safety and Security Regulations That Cover Commercial Flights Apply to Charter Jet Trips, Also?

Do All Air Charter Jet Companies Use Pilots and Aircraft That Are Part 135 Certified?

Do Charter Plane Aircraft Carry Safety Equipment Comparable to That Found On Board Commercial Airliners?

What Is a Typical Cost of an Aircraft Jet Charter Membership Program?

How Long Is a Typical Business Air Charter Contract With a Membership Program?

What Flight Hour Rates Will I Pay When I Charter a Jet Through a Membership Program?

Can I Allow Others to Use Some of My Guaranteed Hours With My Aircraft Jet Charter Membership?

How Much Notice Must I Give to Jet Charter Companies to Reserve an Aircraft If I Have a Membership?

Can Most Business Air Charter Members Have Access to Helicopters, Prop, and Turbo-Prop Aircraft?

Do Charter Jet Prices, With a Membership, Include Catering, Positioning, and/or Other Services?

Can I Use My Aircraft Jet Charter Membership for Flights Outside the U.S.?

Why Are Air Charter Adventure Flights So Popular?

Is It Possible to Schedule a Stop Over at One Location Before Proceeding to My Adventure Flight Destination?

How Can I Best Use Charter Jets for Adventure Flight and Vacations?

Is it Possible to Book an Adventure Flight on a Fighter Plane?

As One of My Flight Adventures, Can I Book a Hot Air Balloon Experience?

Are There Age, Height, or Other Physical Restrictions for an Air Charter Adventure Flight?

Can I Combine Charter Jets and Deep Sea Fishing, Safari’s, or Mountain Climbing for a Complete Adventure Flight and Vacation?

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