Luxury Charters Don't Always Involve Jet Aircraft

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Must Luxury Charters Always Involve Jet Aircraft?

Luxury Charters Don't Always Involve Jet Aircraft

Luxury charters often involve luxury jets, but you can enjoy first class travel on other aircraft, too. If you're taking a short trip, are cost or fuel conscious, or don't require top available speed to reach your destination. You can enjoy this travel in first class without using luxury jets.

Turbo-prop aircraft, like those from King Air, offer comfort, fuel efficiency, and short takeoff/landing distances, allowing you to reach a local airport fast and, possibly, very near to your destination, you'll receive maximum comfort, first class travel, and luxury charters without long, embarrasing security lines, inconvenient flight times, airport delays, long commutes from terminal to destination, and lack of privacy.
You can even take luxury charters – without using luxury jets – to enjoy a luxury travel vacation. With cabin accommodations up to eight or nine traveling companions, air speeds at 300 miles per hour or faster, fuel economy, and luxurious seating, you can enjoy travel in first class with your own private turbo prop. Let one of the premier air charter brokers at like Blue Star Jets arrange your next business or luxury travel vacation on a comfortable turbo prop aircraft.



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