Planes Available for an Aircraft Charter

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What Types of Planes Are Typically Available for an Aircraft Charter?

Planes Available for an Aircraft Charter

If you decide to associate with one of the premier executive air charter brokers such as Blue Star Jets, you will enjoy a full menu of aircraft from which to choose. Naturally, executive jet charter options are wildly popular. You can typically choose from light, medium or heavy jets, depending on your trip distance and number of traveling companions. Should you plan a longer trip with a large party, you can choose an airliner that can carry over 200 people for your executive aircraft charter.

If you have a shorter flight, you may want to enjoy the luxury of an executive aircraft charter, but still keep cost in mind. Consider one of the excellent turbo-prop craft available. With comfortable cabins and luxurious seating, you can still reach your destination quickly, at air speeds above 300 miles per hour.

What about getting from one side of Manhattan to another for that critical business meeting? Avoid traffic gridlock and use a helicopter, also available from the top air charter brokers. Traveling from a close-by heliport above the city morass to another heliport across town often saves you time, aggravation, and money. Arrive at your meeting ready to do business battle successfully while being refreshed, sharp, and relaxed.



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